I can believe I’m in grad school again. Yep, you read it right. I can believe I’m in grad school again. I always knew I’d make it back here. Wasn’t sure of the how, the what, or the when, but I’ve always been keen on the why.

I’m not getting any younger.

I’m 29. Next month, I’ll be 30. I’m 30.¬†At this age, I should be settling into my career, making moves, earning promotions, branding myself, etc. In actuality, what I’m doing is pretending I’m 22 with a fresh bachelor degree, pursuing my dreams of becoming whoever it is I’ve decided to become. While the ambition of a naive, not yet tested 22 year-old is admirable, it’s also not my reality. Because I’m not 22 and my degree definitely has a few cobwebs since my current position doesn’t even require one. I mean, it’s highly recommended and to my knowledge, everyone in my office has one, but it’s not required. At 22, I wouldn’t have minded doing this and working my way through the “steps” to achieve career success in this field. At 30, I’m over it. View Post