2017 Reading Challenges I’m Following


It’s been quite some time since I  attempted to follow a reading challenge. I find that most of them are not geared toward the books I like to read or pertain to subjects I’m not interested in. Or they’re nonsensical (to me) and I’m not sure what I’ll gain from following it (i.e. “read a blue book).  That said, I know that reading challenges are a great way to expand your literary palate and become acquainted with different authors, genres, thoughts, and ideas. So for that reason, I’ve decided to loosely follow a few 2017 reading challenges.

2017 Reading Challenges

2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

Did you know POPSUGAR has a reading challenge? I had no idea until I ran across it while watching a Youtube video. POPSUGAR  is a website that I enjoy visiting when I find the time and based on their topics of discussion, I figured their booklist would be pretty good as well. And it is. With the exception of a few side-eyes (book with a cat on the cover…nah, I hate cats.), it seems to be pretty comprehensive and can definitely expand my reading.

Hashtag: #popsugarreadingchallenge

The Diversity Reading Challenge 2017

Pam, of Unconventional Librarian, has devised a reading challenge that celebrates diversity in reading. I think this is great because even though I’m a woman of color, I mainly stick with books written for or by other Black women. Pam’s diversity reading challenge implores you to explore books written by authors of Hispanic origin, or who have a physical disability, and books with an LGBT main character or Muslim main character among other things. I also think this is a great challenge because these can be guiding topics for choosing children’s books as well.

Hashtag: #diversityreadingchallenge

The Free Black Women’s Library 2017 Reading Challenge

Again, I love books by and for Black women and I have read quite a few of them. From personal development books to the classics, I read my share of books by Black women. That said, The Free Black Women’s Library reading challenges promises so much more. Like, I’ve never had an interest in reading an Afro Futurist novel, but for this challenge, I will. And who knows? Maybe I’ll end up loving the genre! I’m very excited about this challenge.

Hashtags: #TheFreeBlackWomensLibrary #TFBWLReadingChallenge #TFBWL #26BlackWomen #TFBWL26 #BlackWomanBibliophile

I’ll be documenting my reading journey this year here on the blog, as well as on Instagram. You can follow along using #asvreads! Are you participating in any reading challenges this year?

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