This year, I decided to keep my 2017 planning to a minimum. Usually, I go all out with books, videos, workbooks, words of the year, etc and while that has worked some in the past, I wanted to make things as simple as possible this year. Focusing attention in too many places is detrimental. You run the risk of not getting anything done when you try to get everything done. Trust me, I know.

I felt it was necessary this year, to really labor away to determine what *really* works for me in terms of preparation and planning. Maybe just one book? A video? Do I really need a “guiding word” this year? All of these things I thought about…back in October 2016. Since I consider my “new year” to be my birthday, I began the practice of processing my last birth year three months ago, reflecting on the good, the bad, the absolutely great, and of course, the ugly. And I kept it real simple. Basically, I just wrote.

I wrote about my failures. I wrote about the things I’d given up on. I wrote about my successes. I wrote about the things I’d absolutely and without question, rocked. I wrote about my fears. I wrote about how I wanted my life to look, how I wanted it to feel, even how I wanted it to smell and taste. I wrote with specificity and brutal honesty. One of the last posts I wrote before going on hiatus reflected some of my journal writing. It was obvious that I was learning and growing (I still am) and I wanted to publicly document the process. But not too much.

You know, it’s funny how life and the humans within life work. It seemed the more I got out of my own head and the deeper I went into my heart, the less I was able to share. Not that I was embarrassed or that I didn’t want to share; I would have loved to share. But mentally, emotionally, and physically, I just didn’t have the energy. Self-work is draining. And invigorating. And enlightening. And fire-setting. But not always shareable or even share-worthy. Some things are just meant to stay buried between the pages.

However, one of the goals I set for myself is to write more. Specifically, write more here on this blog. 2017 has to be about the work. When I completed the pre-work in my Lara Casey Powersheets workbook, my goal-setting planner of choice for this year, I realized I missed this space. I missed the space I created to meet other seekers and wanderers. To connect with them through these amazing channels called social media and digital storytelling. Truth be told, I fumbled a lot during the 2016 when it came to my digital space. I was trying to find my way and figure out what I actually wanted to do with it. End it? It was definitely a thought, but not one I could seem to follow through on. 2016 saw me ending a few relationships that helped sustain this blog, so there were quite a few things to think about going forward. Do I still want to invest in something that I may or may not receive a return on? Is it worth it? After a lot of thought, I think it is.

I have some pretty cool plans for this space, my space, in the next coming months. My interests have grown and changed and it’s time those things become a part of this blog. It may not get the most views or make me any money, but I’m cool with that. I’m cool with just writing.

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