3 Years from 30


I’m at this weird place in my life where I’m realizing that I’m almost done with my twenties. There’s actually a part of me that’s happy to have this decade end. It wasn’t all that great, but I can definitely say that I got a lot out of it. And even though I’m still in the thick of it, I can’t imagine looking back over my life when I’m 80 or 90 years old and saying, “I miss my twenties.” I doubt if you’ll ever hear me say, “Those were the best days of my life.” Because they weren’t/aren’t and I truly believe that the best is yet to come. My twenties are/were just not that cup of tea for me. A learning experience? Yes. But a fun experience? Hardly.

The part of me that’s happy about this decade ending is also the part of me that looks forward to what my thirties will bring. More stability? Yes. More clarity? I hope so. More fun? Absolutely. You would think that I would associate fun with my twenties, but I don’t. I consider my twenties to be like a baby learning to walk. Yeah, I’m exploring and learning and on the move, but I’m also bumping my head repeatedly, doing a lot of crying, and falling on my ass over and over. Those tears, head bumps, and butt bruises are sooo necessary tho. Without them, I wouldn’t eventually get the swing of this “one foot then the other” thing. And I wouldn’t eventually learn how to run and jump and skip. Without all the mistakes and pains I experienced during my twenties, I wouldn’t be so aptly prepared for my thirties. I wouldn’t be in this place, with shoes tied tight, ready to run this marathon called life.

I’m still 3 years from 30, give or take a few months, but I can already feel the changes happening. And let me tell you, it’s a wonderful feeling. My mind is changing, my thoughts are changing, my heart is changing. I’m starting to actually hear myself, listen even, and I’m validating my own voice instead of waiting for others to give me some pitiful form of external acceptance. I’m beginning to trust me because I see the value in what and who I am. I’m not scared, but elated. I get to do something new. I get to be stable and comfortable with who I am. I get to finally, finally build upon the foundation that my twenties created. What’s not to be elated about?

So while I won’t be rushing my twenties out the door, I will be welcoming my thirties with open arms because the best is yet to come.

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