Adventures in Motherhood(Or How My Child Turned Blue)

It’s one thing to have a babysitter.  It’s a whole ‘nother thing to have a qualified babysitter.  As parents, I think that we often forget how important it is for our children to be left with people who *ahem* know what they’re doing.  Yes, we check out our child care providers and grill the heck out of the preschool director, but when it comes to family, many of us don’t seem to take those same steps.  I know I don’t…or didn’t.  Case and point, my new, blue child.

Yep, my Jam is now blue, or was blue.  I won’t even tell you how long I scrubbed before just soaking her in the tub for a couple of hours.  My brother, who recently turned 21, was supposed to be watching her while I was out.  According to him, he was, but the fight with the food coloring says otherwise.  I was mad, like real mad, but who’s more at fault?  The unqualified “babysitter” or the mom who left the child with said babysitter?  I think I know the answer.


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