April Goals


Guess what! I’m here with my April goals post. Y’all, I haven’t done a goals post in a long time. Like a really, really long time. Honestly, it’s because of a lot of reasons. Mostly, I got tired of sharing goals that I wouldn’t or couldn’t accomplish. My processes were too cumbersome and I didn’t care enough to complete most things. Depression and anxiety can be debilitating, and with each month that went by with unfinished or in some cases, untouched goals, it was another blow to my self-esteem.

April Goals

As I told my health coach, I’m trying to do a better job of believing in myself and learning myself–my wants, my needs, figuring out who I am now as opposed to who I’ve always been. Stuff like that. My April goals reflect that process. So while, “send thank note” actually could be considered a to-do list item (and I’m trying to stay away from making my goals list a regular to-do list), sending a thank you note is actually a way I’m cultivating relationships and being intentional with my word.

What’s up for April


  • Start back thrifting…I’ve missed thrifting so much. It’s just that the time it takes to go through every little thing, I no longer had. And my frustration with not being able to find what I wanted/needed in that tiny time frame was too much for me to handle. I let it go. Now, I want it back.
  • Get up at 5:45am…the struggle is already real with this one. And while I’m not counting myself out, I am going to acknowledge that this one will be really tough for me. I am a night owl through and through, but waking up early offers so many benefits that I’m currently missing out on. This is actually a need more so than a want.
  • Bed by 10pm, sleep by 10:30pm…see above.
  • Read 5 books


  • Give 3 Linked In recommendations…I’m really trying to step my Linked In game up this year. I’m hoping to use it to spark some professional connections.
  • Send “thank you” notes…I recently received two recommendations for grad school from former supervisors and while I’ve thanked via phone/email, I think it would go a long way to send an actual card and handwritten note.
  • Share 3 professional or industry-specific articles per week on Linked In. It may help with establishing myself as an expert in my field, or maybe it’ll just help someone else and that’s always good.


  • Take a weekend family vacation…we haven’t gone anywhere in an extremely long time and we all have cabin fever.
  • Launch our family vlog channel…Yes, this is happening. Help me, Lord!
  • Schedule family photos…Y’all, J is almost 9 and we’ve never had family photos done. Sadly, I didn’t even realize it until about a year ago when Hubz brought it up.


  • Put our family photo album together…Even though we don’t have any professional photos as a family, we have plenty unprofessional photos. I need to consolidate them all to one place.
  • De-clutter and organize my bedroom closet, J’s closet, and our laundry room. I’m tired just thinking about it.
  • Buy some fresh flowers and plants…It’s finally Spring!

Physical and Mental Health

  • Schedule a physical for me for May…It’s required for my wellness plan health insurance, but it’s needed too.
  • Schedule and attend my therapy sessions…See depression and anxiety above.
  • Take evening walks, weather permitting…Omaha is finally getting some nice, Spring weather and we live in the perfect neighborhood for scenic, evening walks. I think this something fun I could do for myself or with J on some evenings.
  • Pray every day and night…I have truly been slacking in my prayer life. For some reason, I go through these weird spells where I just stop praying. I just live, without prayer, and it’s odd. Very, very odd.

Whew! That seems like a lot to pack into 30 days. Oh well, progress over perfection, right?

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