House Hunters

Today I signed my last lease agreement. Next year this time, I won’t be an apartment dweller, but a homeowner. Yay! Cue the band.


In addition to working and saving like woah, this also means that we’ve officially become house hunters. Eek! Almost every weekend, we jump in the car as a family and ride through Omaha’s many, many neighborhoods, oohing and ahhing over what our city as to offer. We pull up in the driveway (if the home is vacant) to see how it would feel coming home every evening. Does it feel like home? Would I be proud to look up and see this home, my home, every day?


Does the front door look and feel welcoming? Can I imagine looking out my front door or bay window and seeing my daughter and her friends walking up the sidewalk from school? It may seem like we’re putting a lot of pressure on this “driveway test” and that we’re being silly, but we’re honestly very serious. As a family, we’ve experienced what it’s like to be uncomfortable in our own home and it’s not cool. Not cool at all. So we test. If the home passes the “pull in test,” we grab a flyer, make note of the realtor, and conduct a little research once we get home.


As I said before, we’re still a year out from buying. We have sooo many things to get into place that it’s kind of overwhelming. Credit, a preapproval, down payment, closing costs, etc are just a few things that we’re working on to be as competitive as possible come 2016. So that’s why we’re starting so early.


We are so stinkin’ excited…and nervous. Since we’ll be the first ones in our immediate families to own homes, we’re literally starting from scratch. I’m researching everything I can with relation to home ownership and talking to everyone who’s willing to talk to me. Luckily, I have some awesome co-workers that are willing to share their knowledge about the home buying process and steps we should take. They’re even commending us for putting so much thought into and for starting so early! I found that hilarious because I figured that was what everybody did.

So the countdown to getting those keys for the Morris’ humble abode is in full effect!

What advice would you give new “house hunters?”


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  1. August 11, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    I did the exact same thing that you all did — I’d drive home from work, time the distance, measure the traffic, and take note of the feeling I felt when I pulled in the driveway. Luckily, all of the residences were vacant when I pulled in. LOL!

    I think my best tip is when you’re viewing the homes, of course you know to view more than one, compare, and then put your offer in. And most importantly, don’t ignore your gut feeling. If it feels like home, it is. (:

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