Nostalgic Conversations with Kids #CrispyIsBack

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A few nights ago, Jam and I were having a conversation.  I was telling her about my childhood and how awesome life was during the 90s.  Between the stellar TV shows and the fashion (i.e. Hammer pants), to put any decade above the 90s would be criminal, in my opinion. It really was a decade of epicness.  As I went on and on about the things she essentially missed out on, although through no fault of her own, we got on the subject of my favorite 90s movies. And this is where things took a weird, and somewhat offensive, turn.

Me: When I was your age, one of my favorite movies was Drop Dead Fred.

Jam: Drop Dead Fred? OMG…what’s that about?

Me: Well, it’s about a little girl who has an imaginary friend and he calls her “Snotface.”

This is where the conversation stopped and the laughing began.  Then through fits of laughter, I heard this: “Mommy, I know you said that you had fun when you were little, but we learned about the 1800s in school and it didn’t sound fun.”

Record scratch. Music off.  Whaaa?? The 1800s?

How old did this child think I was?  I felt that it was obviously time to school my kid on all things 90s.  I decided to start with the snacks.



At the tail end of the 90s, but still the 90s, M&M’s® Crispy were released.  Man, these milk chocolate M&M’s® with crispy wafer centers were the bomb!  I clearly remember snacking on these from a package tucked secretly in my desk during class.  Ahh, good times! So imagine my enthusiasm when I came across the info that these bad boys were coming back. Cue the music and pass me those Hammer pants!  I immediately ran out to Walmart to grab a few bags.  And good thing I did, because I got the last two.


I thought about grabbing some individual bags because those are available too and each bag only has 180 calories per serving, but I decided to grab two big bags instead.  Hubz is also a 90s kid and I was sure that he’d want his share as well.  The person that I was most concerned about, though, was Jam.  Would she still think that her mother’s childhood was horrible after tasting my M&M’s® Crispy?  I didn’t think so, but she’s a finicky kid, to say the least.


And of course, she loved them.  Look at that face! My work in the 90s snack department is done.


Another thing that I so vividly remember from my childhood are the games.  Hand games to be exact.  Jam, along with the other tiny humans of her generation, know a lot about hand games, but not the ones I’m talking about.  I’m talking Rockin’ Robin, Little Sally Walker, and of course, those darn string games.

The string games used to be so much fun because you could totally do it by yourself, even if it was better with a friend.  While I was never great at them, I decided that I wanted to teach Jam one that I did know.  Cat’s Cradle, anyone?




So, yeah.  Mom definitely won this one.  Between the yummy M&M’s® and the “new” game she learned that she plans to teach her friends, Jam was certainly schooled on just how awesome it was to be a kid in the 90s. Take that 1800s!

You can find M&M’s® Crispy on the candy aisle and individual bags on the checkout aisles.  While you’re at it, be sure to take a look at these M&M’s® Crispy recipe and party ideas on the M&M’s® Crispy social hub where you can also download a coupon to save on your M&M’s® purchase.

Since I’ve revealed my obsession with all things 90s, I’m curious to hear about yours?  Do you remember M&M’s® Crispy?  Are you excited about them coming back? Leave a comment to let me know!


  1. sharon
    February 23, 2015 / 7:10 am

    I can top the cat’s cradle! I could make a cup and saucer too! Very cool memories! Love the M&M’s® Crispy too! #client

    • Vaneese
      March 10, 2015 / 12:43 am

      LOL. I’ve never been good at those things. Your hands are like magic if you can do the cup and saucer! Haha

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