Out & About in Omaha: ARTsarben Art Festival

What is it about street festivals that make me happy?  I honestly couldn’t give you just one reason.  Ask my family, though, and they will tell you that I’m known for seeking out festivals and dragging my family along.  One of my favorite festivals happens every year in Arksarben Village here in Omaha and it’s called ARTsarben!  And, uh, I kinda love it.


ARTsarben happens mid to late September every year and it’s such an inexpensive, low maintenance way to have some family fun.  While there’s a plethora of art, food, and things that you can buy, we usually just go to walk around and let Jam play in the Kid’s Zone.





Does your family have any festival-attending traditions?  What’s your favorite festival in your area?

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