Like many mothers, my life is very hectic.  Between school, work and other obligations, sometimes I can’t tell if I’m coming or going.  So many days, I have to decide what my priorities are because as you know, it’s impossible for everything to happen in the same day.  Does school trump work?  If so, who pays the bills?  If not, can I afford the ‘F’?  So many decisions to be made, so little time.  The obligations go on and on.  Throw a child in the mix and the whole things go kabloom!  They have to be your number one priority, right?  Well if so, why is it that they are the easiest “obligations” to put off.   It is the  “I know I should, but I just don’t have time” thing.  This is where my daughter falls.  If I have a paper due or have to be at work at a certain time, but she wants to play UNO or Candyland, you can probably guess what falls by the wayside.  This is something that I’m not proud of and quite honestly, embarrassed by.

She has to be my number one, though.  I have to devote just as much time to her as I do to the “necessities.”  I’ve compiled a list of things I want to happen in 2012…just for her and me.

  1. Teach her numbers and primary colors in Spanish
  2. Teach her to spell her name
  3. Teach her to write her name
  4. Teach her to count to 20…30…100
  5. Teach her to identify more complex shapes
  6. Visit the zoo (we missed it last year because I had to work…go figure)
  7. Swimming lessons…for both of us!
  8. Get a puppy!
  9. Work on her self-esteem (no negative self talk, etc)
  10. Dance class (She has been begging me for a year for these classes.  I should be ashamed.)
  11. Sign her up for soccer
  12. Family vacation that includes a pool
I know that this doesn’t seem like much, but I have to start somewhere.  She deserves the life I didn’t have and I thought that by being financially stable (to a certain extent) I was doing just that.  However, I missed the mark because I missed being there.