Parenting+Working=Something’s Got to Give?

As a young mom and emerging young professional, I always feel like I’m straddling a fence between two worlds.  Many of the mothers I know have established their careers or are solely focused on their children and school, while the young professionals I’m exposed to do not have children, and thus fail to understand the demands placed upon young mothers/fathers attempting to climb the ladder in the working world.  While I should be scheduling my next networking event or traveling to a work related conference, I’m fretting over child care or dealing with this whole annoying thumb sucking thing.  Sometimes I wonder if there is a place for me.  I’m sure that there are more like me, but where are we hiding?  Are we all suffering in silence or does everyone have this parenting/working thing down except for me?  I tend to lead toward the former than the latter.  Where are all the young mommies (and/or daddies) navigating young professionalism?  I feel a little alone.


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