Second Job or Nah?

second job

Lord help me, I’ve been thinking seriously about getting a second job. Like another job on top of my full-time day job, full-time motherhood gig, full-time wife gig, and part-time ish blogging gig.

Again, Lord help me.

This all came about when I realized I wasn’t saving enough to fund the emergency savings account + our house fund + vacation fund. Due to some unexpected expenses related to my car, I all but wiped out our “oh shit” fund a couple of months ago. And since I haven’t been blogging nearly as consistently as I should have been to bring in any income, I was led to tossing the idea of a second job around more seriously than ever before. I started keeping my ear to the ground to find out who had openings. I started browsing the local job board to see what I could do that wouldn’t interfere with my day job and my family life.

Not much.

Getting off at 5 o’clock, most of the time later, there is little chance that I’ll be able to work after work throughout the week. The weekends seem like prime time, but the Hubz’ job includes mandatory on-call hours and sometimes those hours fall on the weekends. I’ve looked into working overnights and that may be an option for Friday and Saturday night. I just don’t want to commit to that because…I’d like to have a life. Maybe go out for drinks with a friend or to a late movie with my husband. But you can’t have it all, can you?

Another option that I’ve been toying around with is working from home part-time. As with working overnight, I’ve done at home customer service before and it was cool for what it was. We don’t have a house phone though and most companies require you to have one of those if you’re providing customer support. It’s still a viable option if I can find a company that doesn’t have that silly requirement…because who has a house phone these days??

While I may not have it at all figured out, I do know that I’d prefer a job that’s completely different than what I do in my day job. I don’t want to deal with crises or be responsible for talking people down from ledges. I don’t want to be surrounded by pain and sorrow because I get my fill of that 40 hours a week. I need light and breezy. Nothing more, nothing less. I can’t do another 15-20 hours of dark and twisty. No ma’am, I’ll pass.

Pros & Cons of Getting a Second Job

Since I’ve been flipping this idea around in my head for a while, I’ve run the pros and cons repeatedly both ways–getting a second job vs. figuring out how to make it work with my current job. What I’ve come up with is this:


  • Less time to spend with my family
  • Less down time which means more stress (for me)
  • Would possibly place me in a different tax bracket
  • Very little flexibility to travel or take extended vacations
  • I may burnout…again.


  • More fluidity in my income
  • A second stream of income
  • Can pay down debt much faster
  • Would allow for my savings accounts to grow much quicker i.e. get that house next year!
  • Would provide extra funds for discretionary spending
  • Gain new skills or hone my current skills

I’m extremely torn on what I should do. On the one hand, I think I should suck it up, get another job, and just put in work for the next couple of years. The other hand tells me, though, that it’s not worth it. That I shouldn’t rush the process and just continue on the path that I’m on and eventually I’ll get to where I’m trying to be: decreased debt, a homeowner, a nice vacation, savings, and emergency fund. I just still don’t know.


  1. Tiffani G.
    November 4, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    Only you know how much you can handle. I’m toying with the idea of part time work myself.

    • Vaneese
      November 7, 2015 / 2:03 pm

      You’re totally right! It’s such a difficult decision. I really like the routine I have now, but can’t help but think of the benefits a second job could provide. Ugh, what to do?

  2. November 23, 2015 / 10:29 am

    I guess it would depend on how well you handle stress. Working a full time job and then acquiring a part time job can be pretty stressful. Working from home seems like a great idea, though.

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