So She Swims

Summer is almost over and Jam and I finally made it to the pool. Sad, I know. And what makes it even sadder than the fact that it’s late July and we haven’t gotten to the pool, is the fact that our apartment complex has a fully accessible pool that’s open 7 days a week. Yep, this is an epic parenting fail. Well, maybe not epic since last summer we didn’t go at all because I couldn’t find the access card, but a fail nonetheless. This time I made sure that I got a new access card well before summer started, but I also knew that Jam would be swimming and going to the water park with the day camp she attends. I wasn’t too pressed about not utilizing our pool, but there’s still a sense of “not appreciating what you have” that I feel. I digress though.

Even though it’s summer, there aren’t many days that lend themselves to us having a leisurely dip in the pool. We’re always going, going, going, so when I realized that it was a Saturday evening and there was actually some down time available, I jumped at the chance to finally get over to the pool. Jam, of course, was ready and willing and we made our way over. And get this…not a soul in sight. The pool was completely empty. At first, I thought it was closed or had some deadly chemicals floating around in the water, but after searching for signs and checking the apartment’s Facebook page for updates, I gave Jam the “go ahead” to jump right in. And jump right in she did!

My baby swims.

When she was just a little baby, Jam loved the water. She was one of those babies that was just at home in the water. As we would wash her up in her little tub, she would splash, put her head under the water, stretch her arms and legs out, and just be. It was the cutest thing ever and anybody that saw her do it would comment on how she’s “such a water baby.” I’ll never forget the time she got in her first kiddie pool, wearing her first tiny bathing suit. There was so much wonder and excitement in her eyes. And she splashed, rolled around, and laughed for hours. It was perfection.

African American baby's first time in pool.

 Fast forward to this weekend and I saw the same wonder and excitement + bravery. Running and jumping in the pool and everything. And then she started swimming. Just out the blue. Never having had a lesson in her life, but always watching everybody swim around her. It was magical, especially as a mama that never learned how to swim and one that’s had such trouble learning. Her stroke isn’t perfect and she can’t hold her breath for very long, but she swims and she’s learning.

JinPool JinPool1 JinPool2

I’m so proud of my baby girl. We’ll definitely be looking into swim lessons soon. I think I can smell some swim meets in her future.

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