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I hate going to the doctor. This hate is not fear related because I honestly don’t believe they can tell me anything I don’t already know, or at least haven’t pondered. It’s the poking, the prodding, the closeness, and of course, the judgement, that bothers the hell out of me. It’s the all-knowing eyes, psuedo-empathetic head nods, and deep sighs that piss me off.

When I go to the doctor’s office, I am usually aloof and reserved. I may even be cold. And it’s very intentional. I’m not a sharer in general (I know, I know. I’m a blogger.), but I’m definitely not into sharing the most intimate details of my body–what it’s doing, how it’s doing it, etc. It’s overwhelming and it’s too much. View Post

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Family exercise will improve the health of your loved ones, make exercise more fun, and strengthen your family bon

You know that quote that says, “Summer bodies are made in the winter?” Well, apparently our family didn’t get the memo and as a result, here we are in June, trying to step up our fitness game and manage this weight we’ve picked up. This is especially the case for Jam, whose medicine causes her to be hungry, hungry, hungry all the time and so like anyone else that’s hungry, she eats! Since making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, though, my family has been working hard to step it up. We’ve created a family fitness regimen that works to keep us all in check and reaching those goals we’ve set for ourselves with regard to our health. Now, if I’m to be brutally honest, I have to tell you that at first, getting motivated to actually work out together was like pulling teeth…for all of us. Like most families, our days are packed and we try to cram the weekend with fun activities, especially during the summer. And the idea of exercising, sweating, and heavy breathing, were not what we considered fun activities. That is, until we decided to make our family fitness regimen fun. View Post

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone and should not be taken as medical advice.


Remember when I said that all I wanted was a cubicle?  Yeah, well I got one.  In my newest position, I’m a certified cubicle dweller!  This means that I can hear my co-workers conversations and make judgments on their lives, they can do the same to me and neither of us have a door or any other kind of privacy to stop the cycle.  Yay for the cubicle farm.  Honestly, most of this I expected.  The loud conversations, the kdfka, I expected.  What I didn’t expect was how difficult it would be to stay healthy in that environment.  Between the spit-ridden water cooler conversations and the handsy ways that “office treats” are handled, I have been on a mission to keep the cubicle germs off of me and out of my home.  And with cold and flu season among us, staying healthy is proving to be quite difficult. Ya’ll, I have kid with severe asthma, bringing illnesses home is not an option.

So since I, like many other parents, spend quite a few hours at work (like over 2000 a year) and I’ve committed to staying healthy as best as I can, I decided to create a “Stay Healthy Desk Kit.”  I figured a small kit that I could keep in my desk drawer or cubby, could be beneficial for when cold and flu season hits.  So the first thing I did was head to Walgreens to pick up some stuff.  Shoppers can save up to $10 on participating Pfizer products at Walgreens right now with the in-store coupon booklet, so I was happy that I could create the kit and save some money.



Once I got all of my “materials” together, I got down to making the kit.  And seriously ya’ll, the hardest part was finding something to house the products in.  I knew that I wanted something that I could see through since I didn’t plan on labeling the kit and I also knew that I wanted something big enough (but not too big) to keep everything nice, neat and secure.  A basket wouldn’t do and a plastic bag was a no no, so I settled on an old lunch box.

deskkit1 deskkit2

I put everything in the lunch box, snapped it shut and voila! A DIY stay healthy desk kit. Everything I need for cleanliness, headaches, the sniffles, and chapped lips is all conveniently tucked away in my desk drawer.  No more rummaging through paper clips, pens, staples and the like for a tiny, lone Advil and no more frantically searching for a drop of hand sanitizer when offered the aforementioned office treat.  Most importantly, I’ve added another line of defense to bringing home anything that could get my Jam sick.  This mama is winning at life right now!

Create your own Stay Healthy Desk Kit

  • Stock up on your health-related products.  For the month of November, you can save up to $10 on select Pfizer products like Advil, Thermacare, Centrum, Emergen-C and others.  Just use the Walgreens in-store coupon book to save.
  • Pick and choose what you absolutely need at work to stay healthy.
  • Grab a container of your choice–storage bags, cardboard boxes, and baskets are all options. It’s up to you.
  • Fit everything into the container, nice and neat.
  • Use it to stay healthy.


What do you do to stay healthy at work?

Thanks United Healthcare for this sponsored post and for starting the conversation on the Affordable Care Act.  All opinions are my own.


One of the greatest things about being a working mom, in my opinion, is the responsibility that comes along with caring for my family.  I like to research the options, compare alternatives and make the best possible decisions for my family.  My husband, on the other hand, is a shoot from the hip kinda guy and prefers that I make the really, really important decisions when it comes to things like money, scheduling, household management and of course, health insurance.  That’s especially the case since Jam was diagnosed with severe asthma and has spent quite a bit of time hospitalized and also takes lots of medicine.  With new things happening, like the Affordable Care Act, it’s imperative that I stay at the top of my game and well-informed on what’s going on.

So, what does staying at the top of one’s game look like?  Well, it looks different for different people and different families.  For most folks, though, it consists of being aware of the changes that impact your policy, how your policy specifically deals with ailments that impact your family (i.e. asthma for us) and even similar things, like knowing when open enrollment is, how long it lasts and where to sign up.  Staying at the top your game means understanding how to navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace and knowing the meaning of terms like co-pay, premium, deductible and out of pocket maximum.  I have to admit that it can be overwhelming and on some days, it’s definitely a lot.  But my family, Jam in particular, is much better off because of my knowledge and hours I put into researching what’s best for us.

United Healthcare has put together some great resources for those of us that just need to know.  Our families, even some our friends, depend on us to impart the knowledge and help with making the best decisions, so not knowing is not an option.  Check out a couple of these videos to get your questions answered about health insurance, the Affordable Care Act and what it all means for you and your family.  Open enrollment starts today, November 15th and ends on February 15th.  Let’s get informed.

Check out United HealthCare and use their tool to help find savings for the various plans available.

How do you make sure you’re well-informed about your health insurance?

As the mom of a child with asthma, I’m always, always, ALWAYS looking for ways to keep Jam active without exacerbating her asthma to point where her rescue inhaler is needed.  She’s been involved in dance and now she’s in karate, but on the home front, we really haven’t solidified a way to keep her active…and interested.  Enter the iBitz Kid (and Adult) Wireless Pedometer.

ibitz kids pedometer best buy asthma

ibitz™ by GeoPalz® is a wireless pedometer that is able to track your and your child’s physical activity.  The device syncs to your iPhone or iPad and allows adults and children their own unique experience with personalized apps–one for adults and one for children.  The kids pedometer syncs to a reward platform app.  This means that parents can set goals and rewards for their child, as they reach specific physical activity milestones.  For Jam, this would definitely be screen time and adventures with a parent–i.e. shopping or some play-themed activity like Chucky Cheese.  And she was serious about getting those rewards, so first we had to stretch:

ibitz kids pedometer best buy asthma

And then, she was off!

ibitz kids pedometer best buy asthma

The iBitz for kids wireless pedometer comes in 7 different colors, is water resistant, stores up to 30 days of activity and can easily be clipped on a shoe or pants at the hip.  The color lover in me is mostly excited about the color possibilities, but the mom in me is just happy that my daughter has finally found a physical activity that makes her happy and keeps her healthy.


So…what are your favorite ways to keep your kids happy and healthy?

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