I’m not new to the planner community. I am, however, new-ish to writing about it. I think I might have written one post previously about how I use my planner as a working mom. At the time, I was using a Sugar Paper Planner that I thought was all fancy and stuff. Turns out, it really didn’t meet my needs long-term and I ended up ditching it halfway through the year. Since then, I’ve used a Passion Planner, Arc, At-a-Glance, and most recently, a Day Designer, among others.

See, I’m an OG when it comes to planners.

So, why on earth did it take me eleventy hundred years to start using a binder system? Specifically, why did it take me so long to start using an A5? Here, take my planner card; I am not worthy. View Post


It’s been pretty quiet around here in regard to graduate school.  And it’s been for good reason.

I dropped out

took a break

failed to return to class

took a break.

What I was studying just wasn’t working for me and when I made the decision to leave my previous work field, I also made the decision to leave my previous degree program.  Burnout is real, ya’ll.


Now that I’m out of the field and into a new position, I’m going back to school.  I’m not excited about it or anything.  It just is what it is.  The degree is essentially free because of where I work and if I’m to be honest, that has a MAJOR impact on my decision to return to school right now.  I’ve enjoyed being able to get off, spend time with my family, blog, go on trips, just basically do what I want.  And now I feel like I’m in the line back into the prison yard.

It’s not that bad, I know, but I totally get what people mean when they say, “do it all at one time because you’re not gonna want to go back if you stop.”

I totally understand.