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dont turn the page book review children's book rachelle burk

On most nights, bedtime is a struggle in our home.  Because of my work, I rarely ever get home at the same time every evening and because of that, our nights can be a bit hectic.  After we’re finally done with dinner, homework, baths, karate, getting the hair combed and tied, etc, my husband and I just want to sleep.  Jam, however, has different plans…and none of them include sleep.  So when I told her that for bedtime, we would be reading, Don’t Turn the Page,  a book about going to sleep, she was less than enthused.  By the end of the story though, she had changed her tune quite a bit.

don't turn the page book review children's book

Don’t Turn the Page by Rachelle Burke is a story about a little hedgehog, Sami, who is adamant about not going to sleep.  As she prepares for bed, her mother reads to her a story about a little bear who is also preparing to go to bed.  While Sami insists that she is not ready for bed and doesn’t want her mother to turn the page of the book, her curiosity (and sleepiness) eventually gets the best of her and sooner rather than later, she’s off to dreamland.  This is such a cute story and the concept of a story within a story kept my not-really-a preschooler-but-not-quite-a-big-kid entertained.

don't turn the page rachael burk children's book review

dont turn the page rachelle burk children's book review

For mamas (hedgehog or human), Don’t Turn the Page is a delightful, easy to read, and relatable story, whose illustrations perfectly compliment the mood and tone of the book.  And since Jam and I are both very visual people, we were definitely excited about that!

dont turn the page rachelle burk childrens book review

So while, Don’t Turn the Page didn’t put Jam right to sleep (as I had hoped), it did something a million times better.  Check this out:

That’s right.  She and I were breaking the rules, turning pages and things and reading, when we both should have been sleeping.  It’s okay though.  I’d give up all of my sleep to hear my baby not-really-a preschooler-but-not-quite-a-big-kid read.

Don’t Turn the Page makes its debut on June 10, 2014.  Add it to your Little Bookshelf here.

What does your bedtime routine look like?  Are you also a member of the “Bedtime Struggle Club?”

I received an advanced copy of Don’t Turn the Page by Rachelle Burk for review purposes.

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