Week of Smoothies


This week I’m doing a week of smoothies. Since the beginning of the year, I can probably count the number of times I’ve had breakfast on one hand during weekdays. Weekends are better, but not by much. I’m usually so focused on getting Jam ready, along with myself, that I completely space on breakfast. And because I’m so adrenaline-rushed or just plain forgetful, I don’t even think about food until around 11 or 12 o’clock. Thankfully I keep some snacks like applesauce and nuts in my desk, but let’s keep it real…I’ve completely bombed on the most important meal of the day.

Why a week of smoothies

By doing a week of smoothies and actually making them every morning, I think it will help me in two ways:

  1. Well, duh. I get to actually have breakfast for a change. More importantly tho, my body and my mind won’t be running on fumes. Along those same lines, my body won’t store fat for energy because it’s starved out of its damn mind. It’ll be nourished will all kinds of good ol’ fruits and vegetables (or just fruit because I hate vegetables) and hopefully I’ll be able to think better, perform better, and have a more positive demeanor and mindset. No pressure, smoothies.
  2.  I will have something to look forward to. Because I’m a working mom, I’ve adopted routine after routine to make my life as livable and set as possible. I need to get up at the same time, get Jam up at the same time, get dressed, do my hair, make sure all teeth are brushed, etc in the same order everyday, Monday through Friday. Change usually comes in the form of wrenches thrown into my plan. The week of smoothies is a welcomed change though, that hopefully won’t be a wrench in my morning routine. I look forward to looking forward to a new taste each morning, something new to start the day.

Week of smoothies prep

This is a major change for me, not only eating breakfast but actually making it as well. Usually, Jam will grab some cereal or some fruit or just eat breakfast at school, so I never really have to “make” breakfast. So I’ve got to prep:

  • Figure out how to work the blender. The last few times that I’ve made smoothies, it’s discouraged me to from further making smoothies. With some many dials and buttons, I’m always concerned about what to hit to get the consistency I want. Is it supposed to stay on the same setting the whole time or do I hit multiple settings? I haven’t played around with it enough to know, but this week I’ll find out.
  • Buy the ingredients. Thankfully, I live near an Aldi and Trader Joe’s and got most of my fruit, juice, milk, yogurt there for a good price. I shop on Sundays, so it wasn’t a big deal to grab these things. I have some chia seeds in the cabinet, which I might use but I’m not 100% sold on that. I would be mortified to find out that I’ve been talking to my clients and coworkers with chia seeds stuck in my teeth. Another thing, that I’ll need is a lidded cup since I plan to have my smoothies on the go.
  • Make the time and make the menu. When I make our weekly menu, I’ll make my smoothie menu. I just think it’ll be better and more organized if I know what I’m making ahead of time. It will lessen confusion and decisions and for me and that’s a great incentive. Since I’ll be doing all this in the morning, I’ll need to wake up earlier. And since I’m blogging this, I’ll need to wake a tad bit earlier than earlier to take a couple of photos. While I am not a morning person (like AT ALL), this actually works perfectly because it’s been a goal of mine to wake up earlier for quiet writing time and to work out since evenings are chaos around here on most days.

So, yay for a week of smoothies! I’m super excited to try something new and document the impact on my mind and body. 

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