What Did I Do Before the Farmer’s Market?

Omaha Farmers Market

I love, love, looovve, the farmer’s market. It used to be what motivated me to get up on Sundays until I started back going to church. Now it’s my Saturday morning addiction.

The city of Omaha has some great farmer’s markets with even better prices and people. I always feel so at home when we go. Like I’m some kinda “one with the earth” type chick. It’s all cliches and stereotypes, I know. But I am here for it! Usually when we go, we end up grabbing some baked goods, three lemonades–strawberry, mango, and regular, and some vegetables just to say we didn’t come only for the lemonade and baked goods. 

Omaha Farmers Market_1 Omaha Farmers Market_2

Most recently, my mother, Jam, and I decided to try the Old Market Farmer’s Market since none of us had been. It’s downtown, which I think is a pretty good location to reach the urbanites and young professionals. Since we live further out in suburbia, it’s always been closer to just go to the other one. We wanted something different, though, and ventured out to the Old Market in downtown.

Omaha Farmers Market_3 parking meter old market omaha

The farmer’s market has been great in helping me try new things and practice being in the moment. When I’m there, I just feel better about myself and the choices I’m making. The slow pace and relaxed environment with all it’s multiple aromas of flowers and herbs and handmade soaps are very much appreciated after a fast-paced week. It’s been an amazing asset to my self-care routine. Yay for the farmer’s market!

little girl with dog in old market omaha

Do you ever visit your city’s farmer’s market? What do you think about it?

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